Wood Cnc Router Delivery To Oman

                            Wood cnc router delivery to Oman

wood cnc router

wood cnc router

Wood cnc router configuration:

# 2100*3000*200mm working area 

# Double head CC 6.0kw air cooled spindle 

# Vacuum table with 7.5 kw water pump

# DSP A11 controller 

# Independent cabinet box 

# Stepper motor and driver 

# Fuling inverter 

# Manual lubricating system 

# Artcam software 

# 3 PHASE 380V 50HZ

# Customized machine for you

How to install the wood cnc router machine?

# Wood cnc router with 2100*3000mm working area has to be remove the gantry then package.

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wood cnc router

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