The Market Of Furniture In India, Egypt And Other Arab Countries

Egypt is one of the industrialized countries in Africa and has a first-size industrial system. 


In recent years, the Egyptian government has accelerated the pace of economic reform and its foreign trade policy has gradually been liberalized, which has greatly changed its economy. Privatization of the rapid economic development, wooden doors, furniture production has become one of the faster-growing industries, but still relatively backward machinery manufacturing mainly to assembly-based, modern machinery and equipment mainly rely on imports.


        With the NC woodworking engraving machine in the wood doors, the furniture industry widely used, Egyptian wooden furniture enterprises also through a variety of ways to recognize woodworking engraving machine equipment brought by the efficient, convenient and beautifully processed and other advantages, woodworking engraving machine and woodworking Center equipment gradually into Egypt wooden doors furniture business. The same with the current Indian carving machine market in Egypt in the next few years the level of industrialization and numerical control equipment is still in a period of rapid development and its own weakness, Egypt's many wooden doors, furniture companiesneed woodworking engraving machine, woodworking machining center equipment is still To a large number of imports.

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        Jinan Lifan  Machinery CO.,LTD  to focus on the future, closely follow the market trend, and actively enter India, Egypt and other Arab countries, based in India on the basis of cooperation with Indian partners in-depth cooperation and actively develop India, Egypt and other potential markets.