The Cnc Router Machine How To Work Effectively?

Philicam atc cnc router machine details 

Our engraving machine adopts high speed, high torque and high precision, and uses Fuling frequency converter to adjust the speed, which can meet the needs of high-speed machining and accuracy assurance; it can achieve high-speed milling of the tool, high rotation accuracy, small rotation vibration, and low working noise . The carving is fine without ripples, the bottom surface is smooth and the outline is clear.


直排 (2)直排刀库

Using high-precision helical gears, large contact area with gears, close engagement, high precision, fast operation and stable torsion

Not only the screw, but also the bearings are imported from Taiwan. We also use Taiwan's bearing housings for the bearing housings. Durable, high precision and smooth operation

Welded bed body, in the vibration fault processing, the bed will not be deformed, good stability, thickened table

Philicam atc cnc router machine working video

High-strength and high-stability mechanical structure design, stable CNC movement

It has functions such as continuation of breakpoint carving, power failure recovery, processing time prediction

The design is more user-friendly. Whether vigorously cutting or finely sculpting can be handy

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