What Is The Advantage Of Woodworking Cnc Router With Ordinary Woodworking Engraving Machine?

Compared with ordinary woodworking cnc router, there is a considerable advantage in both processing speed, precision, efficiency, hardware and software. With the development of science and technology, the general woodworking engraving machine will be gradually replace.


The following is the woodworking cnc router and features:



1.The base frame is welded with thick channel steels and square tubes,processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief(VSR) ;Ensure excellent stability,not easy to be deformed.

2. XY axes adopt WMH rack and ABBA rail transmission,Z axis adopts TBI rolling ball screw,wearable,high position accuracy and good moving stability.

Three axes adopt imported high precision  square guide rail,self-lubricating sliding block.This ensures equal force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.


3. Software compatibility, compatible type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software, with tool compensation, Chinese display, background editing, spindle multi-point positioning, simulation operation display, fault display.


4. Taiwan Syntec control system, the operation is more simple, hats-style automatic tool change system, more time and safety.


5. The drive system adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor, drive. Full functional, stable performance, high reliability.


6. Italy HSD automatic tool change air-cooling spindle, high precision and long life. Automatic tool change system operation safe, save time.

7. Automatic oil-injection system makes the maintenance more convenient,extend the working life of the machine.


8. four-zone vacuum adsorption sandwich dual-use table, processing special-shaped parts more comfortable, more suction, up to 260 cubic meters per hour.


9. The machine supports recover carving point after break or disconnecting power,and the function of forecasting process time.

Advanced design of the machine ensures strong cutting and guarantees the engraving precision.


10. The software preprocessing function corrects errors in the software and is compatible with various international software codes such as MASTERCAM, TYPE3 and ARTCAM. 3D space curve budget method can ensure multi-line uniformity, as well as the speed and accuracy of the curve.


What is the advantage of woodworking cnc router compared with ordinary woodworking engraving machine?

1, the operating mode is easy to understand;


2, a separate vacuum device;


3, advanced file preprocessing, intelligent correction of processing errors, good compatibility;


4, in the control system, the woodworking center using Taiwan's control system, a good intelligent processing procedures, a good machine to prevent the collision, but also better control of processing speed, greatly enhance the efficiency and cost savings The


In short, Philicam that, in order to improve the processing efficiency of company , saving cost, woodworking cnc router is your choice!