Lamello Invisibility Element Of Panel Furniture

The production process of invisible parts of panel furniture is to innovate the original three-in-one or two-in-one connection method, redesign the connection and fixing mechanism of the board to achieve drilling or hardware is not exposed after the board is assembled, and the entire cabinet does not appear to be connected. Traces, concealing the original holes to improve the aesthetics of the furniture. 

This is particularly prominent in wine racks and other parts. Good invisible pieces of custom furniture include Swiss Lamello Invisibility Element, etc. The crescent-shaped connection is strong and easy to install.

Lamello Invisibility Element     Lamello Invisibility Element

Philicam ATC CNC Router together with Lamello Invisibility Element will let your Panel Furniture more fashionable and modern.

Lamello Invisibility Element

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Lamello Invisibility Element

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Lamello Invisibility Element