High Configurations ATC Cnc Router

The entire process of ATC cnc router processing panel furniture   

Features of ATC cnc router   

1. Adopt High strength welded bed with tempering aging treatment, Five sides milling CNC machining center processing, guarantees rigidity and precision of the machine,cutting or carving aluminum won't vibration

2. Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle, ensure the aluminum cutting effect, long life with less maintainance

3. Taiwan gear reducer and Leadshine servo motors and drives make the machine with lower noise, higher accuracy

4. Taiwan Auto tool changer system, change the tool automatically according to different carving and cutting work, save more working time and labor cost

5. Taiwan Syntec 6MD control system, easy to operate, and work stable

6. Double bag dust collector, good dust absorption and less maintenance.

Other models  

Linear ATC cnc router