Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin light origin:




Pumpkin lights originated in ancient Ireland. Legend of a man named Jack, is a drunk and love mischief. On  the day of Halloween, he set the trap to the devil in a tree, he  refused to let the devil down until the devil promised never let him  live in hell. Jack died, because he did not believe in God,  he could not enter heaven, and the devil did not let him into hell, in  order to help Jack find the path back to the world, the devil gave him a  burning charcoal, Jack put this burning charcoal He was  carved in a lantern in a lantern, the first "Jack's lantern", helping  theplot to find his path back to Ireland, but he never found, so he  wandered the lantern forever.
In the ancient Irish  legend, this little candle is placed in a hollowed out radish, called  "Jack Lanterns", and the ancient radish lamp evolved to today, it is  pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern The It is said that the  Irish people arrived in the United States soon, that is, regardless of  the source and carving from the carrots are better than radish, so the  pumpkin became the darling of Halloween.


Special food:


"Do  not give candy to trouble," Halloween candy is the most classic orange,  brown and black packaging, modeling to ghosts mostly, but the  traditional face and candy does not matter.35a85edf8db1cb13d9df0c36d754564e92584b64.jpg


Pumpkin pie in the south of the United States has always been the most common winter food, only in the Halloween only occasion. In addition to pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds are also common snacks for festivals.


Holiday custom:


timg.jpge gOn the eve of  Halloween, the children will carry pumpkin lights, wearing all kinds of  strange clothing, door to door to ask for candy, kept saying: "trick or  treat" (meaning: "to not give, do not give "If you are not  willing to give candy, the children will be very angry, with a variety  of ways to punish you, for example: tharbage down in your home and so  on the way to punish you until you are willing to give them candy until.And for the traditional people will be dressed as a wizard, and then households by family to beg for food. Their  faith is to give the wizard worship and food to please them, or these  elves will tease them, such as: chimneys blocked, cattle and sheep lost,  was boiled yellow and white and so on. Another  way to fool or scare away these evil spirits, that is, dressed as they  look, they believe that those evil spirits will not hurt them.

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