Furniture Characteristics

Plate furniture refers to Wo Heung Board, medium density fiberboard or particleboard and veneer furniture with skills such as appearance, has a removable, full of change body, looks stylish, not easily deformed, the quality stable, reasonable price as well as a fundamental feature.

Link plate furniture is usually made by various kinds of metal hardware interface, convenient for installation and removal, furniture with high Machining accuracy a number of disassembly, facilitate the delivery, because the base material to break the physical structures of the original wood, so when large temperature and humidity changes, the deformation of the Panel to be much better than solid wood, quality than the quality stability of solid wood furniture.

Plate furniture is on Panel substrate, is the fundamental structure, exterior decoration artificial Board adding hardware in full convergence of modular furniture disassembly and Assembly. Plate furniture according to the plate and facing different classifications.