Disk ATC CNC Router Machine

                       Disk ATC CNC Router Machine

Disk ATC CNC Router Machine

Disk ATC CNC Router Machine


▶ Bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe,Better design and quality of the dust brush, these ensure perfect dust collections system

▶ We adopt the most professional brand “LIUBIAN”auto lubrication system.The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate 13 different points at same time on the machine no matter the points are close or far.

▶ Tool magazine is another key part on ATC machines,there are 12 positions on this magazine,this can match almost all requirements of furniture production market. Servo driving,high speed and accurate position,whole process only needs 8 seconds.

▶ Pop-up pins are used to position the materials,improve the processing accuracy,improve the qualified products percentage and working efficiency.

▶ Chains are used to protect the wires,each wire has their own section in the chain, Wires are used to connect the electric parts and machine,We use the top brands wires and chains which focus on their materials and structure.

▶ High-soft shielded wires are durable after long term use,both chains and wires will not deform because of outside weather.

▶ Air pipes and connectors plays a key role in woodworking machines,it may cause big issue due to the quality problem because its hard to check inside of the machine. We use Japan SMC brand connectors,So small parts can directly reflect the power and the sense of service of a company.

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Disk ATC CNC Router Machine