The Difference Between CNC Router And Multi-Head-Woodworking Machinery

1. For different objects

Multi-process woodworking engraving machine for medium-end customer groups, suitable for solid wood doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, no painting doors, painting doors, soft package doors and other simple colors, 2-3 knife can also complete the carving. Woodworking CNC Routrer for high-end customers all, it can produce complex color, modeling different, high precision, need a lot of knives can be completed works.

2.the different principle of tools changing

Multi-process woodworking machine has a number of heads, such as: three processes woodworking engraving machine has three heads, three heads on the installation of different types of tools, when we need to change tool, the current head up, Head down to continue engraving. Woodworking cnc router is only one head, but he has a tool magazine, different models have different capacity of the tool magazine, there are 8, 12, etc., our company has the biggest capacity,we have 12.according to the shape of the magazine and tool changer way plate tool change, Hammer-type tool change, row-type tool change, change the knife, the spindle moved to the tool magazine, select the necessary tools, come back to continue to carve.

3.carving speed and accuracy are different

Woodworking cnc router has the high price, high configuration, so the processing speed and engraving accuracy is better than the multi-process woodworking engraving machine .

4.the control system is different

Multi-process woodworking engraving machine is generally used in Shanghai NC studio control system, woodworking processing cnc router is generally the Syntec 6MD control system.

5.different functions

Multi-process woodworking engraving machine can be carved, drilling and other simple steps, and woodworking cnc router in addition to carving function, but also has cutting, engraving, side milling, downside  and other functions.

6. In addition to the above differences, they also have some common similarity, such as: Both of them can automatic tool change, carving speed and accuracy than ordinary woodworking engraving machine to high.