Automatic Tool Change Cnc Technology

Automatic tool change cnc technology


atc atc cnc
 atc cnc router machine8~12 tool change


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atc cnc router for plate-type furnitureprofessional cnc for woodworking

Automatic tool change cnc technology video

Automatic tool change cnc technology

Our bed is made of 8mm steel. After hundreds of vibration failure treatments, the bed still maintains good stability and accuracy during long-term use. Compared with other 4.8mm steel, the service life of our machine can be doubled, which can better meet your high quality requirements.

Spindle Cylinders on Z axis(Mechanical Design)

Function:Z axis is the key part of the whole its important that all parts are installed and connected correctly and reasonably. 


(picture or on site) This design is with large contact surface so that the accuracy of small parts are ensured.  The plate is made from steel so that it can make sure there is no screw slippery during installation and working.This keeps constant accuracy after long term operation.Other suppliers are using small contact surface design and plate is made from aluminum,so there is no accuracy at all and cant use for long time.

The installation technology(Picture). We use Taiwan Airtac cylinders.The concept of the design is easy installation,easy testing,easy replacement and easy to adjust the Parallelism and perpendicularity of the cylinders. Other suppliers dont have the concepts that we have,not even to mention the accuracy.(1.Contact surface 2.Plate material 3.Cylinder)By comparison I want to say that different concepts makes different products,all these concepts are from our professional design team including 4 mechanical engineers,2 electric engineers and 3 process design engineers which are with related majors and rich practice experiences,Instead,the company you mentioned just now is still using the design that we used 5 years ago. Whats more,the owner of our company was also majored in mechanical engineering so he always puts product design,quality and service in the first place,he believes what bring profits are quality and service,and this is the key reason of our success as well

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