All Of Philicam Cnc Machine Adopt Reducer Instead Of Gear Box

    All of philicam cnc machine adopt reducer instead of gear box

    Q:Why more and more customers choose philicam woodworking cnc router machine?

    A: because all the philicam cnc machines adopt the reducer instead of gear box. both stepper motor and servo motor.

    The advantages of reducer:

    1. Keep machine has high precision.

    2. Keep motor has longer working life.

    For the 99% cnc supplier in market, they will use belt and gear box for stepper motor cnc, only philicam use the reducer.

    But under the effect of temperature and the environment, the belt easy to loose or wear during machine working, resulting in machine dislocation or lost step, affecting the carving effect.

    PHILICAM will be your best choice!!

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