2020 Cnc Router Machine For Sale

2020 cnc router machine for sale

double head (2)

double head (3)

single head

2020 cnc router machine for sale


double head cnc router machine advantages:

Using high-precision helical gears, large contact area with gears, close engagement, high precision, fast operation and stable torsion

Not only the screw rods, but also the bearings are imported from Taiwan. We also use Taiwanese bearing housings for the bearing housings. Durable, high precision and stable operation.

Welded bed body, the vibration will not be deformed, the bed will not be deformed, the stability is good, the thickness becomes thicker

High-strength, high-stability mechanical structure design, CNC movement is stable.

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The advantages of Plywood Case Package: 

Firstly, plywood case, its compressive strength and bearing quality is better, is the market of choice for the goods of high-weight packaging Secondly , the board area is big, the soil structure is good,and operational process is simple, So its is better in leakproofness and waterproof. Thirdly , when importing the plywood case is with fumigation-free , the procedure is simple.

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