Woodworking machine descaling method of spindle motor

Woodworking machine spindle rust is a problem plagued many users. Because of environmental reasons, if maintenance is not timely, the spindle motor is easy to rust, slight rust does not affect the normal use of the spindle motor, but if not for a long time will shorten the life of the spindle motor. Wood CNC spindle motor Rust removal methods:

A, and by manual knock, and shovel, and scraping, and brush, and sand or flexible fell of method to elimination appearance rust scale, and oxidation skin,, this is painter radical except rust method, also can using shovel knife, and blade, and pointed hammer, and wire brush, and Emery cloth, and broken saw, tool, this method compared simple, but also easy damaged machine, for except rust Shi maintenance personnel needed is carefully, slightly not attention on easy caused machine spindle deviated from track.

Second, the use of clean lubricant, spray evenly on the motor, about half cloth wipe the stone engraving machine can be used as a child on rust, if rusted badly can spray more lubricant. Lubricant detergents do not conduct electricity and have very good lubricating effect.