Select mechanical engraving machine you should consider a few places

1, "comfort" is the most direct method for detection of mechanical engraving machine ability. With a computer engraving machine the popularity of applications in the sign industry, computer engraving machine is no longer a symbol of strength, become the real volume professional production tool.

2, operators with practical production experience is clear: easy to do a job, but without accidents, work in bulk it is difficult. This will test whether the tool "using comfortable, conveniently." Professional engraving machine, the most notable features are: professional engraving CAD/CAM software and CNC engraving machine for professional, cohesive package. In using professional of computer CNC carved machine for bulk processing Shi, professional of carved software can guarantee operator trusts to for good design, and generated reasonable efficient of processing program: Dang loaded card good material, and adjustable good tool began worked Hou, operator just timing "listening to listening to tool of cut voice", judge tool whether wear, necessary Shi replaced tool, basically not accounted for people; Dang processing completed Hou, if found some regional processing effect not reached requirements, operator in machine Shang using patch function in site slightly for remedy, Just completed fluently. This work comfortable!