Purchasing considerations for woodworking machine

Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for the processing of wood, making it more beautiful. Sells a wide variety of woodworking machine currently on the market, the quality of the product price is also very different, so when you buy should be selected carefully, here are some points to help you choose wood engraver.

, Is a woodworking engraving machine precision issues, small format carving 1mm Chinese characters, or woodworking engraving machine 1.5mm large-format print, under a magnifying glass to see it very clear.

Second, pay attention to the Guide. Large format CNC woodworking machine must widen imports of side-rails, the load capacity and precision round rail retention capacity is 30 times more than double, ensuring the high quality of wood engraving machine speed.

Third, pay attention to the woodworking machine spindle motor. The spindle motor is an important part of computer engraving machine, its performance on a computer engraving machine has a critical impact on the performance of the machine. Machining spindle is usually divided into two categories: precision machining and power cut off spindle.

Four sizes, woodworking machines format. Customers should be based on business needs and financial status, select the size of woodworking machine model number and its power.