How to use woodworking machine tool

Abnormal use woodworking machine tools likely to cause damage to the tool, here is how you correct use of woodworking machine tool, allowing you to use more convenient.

1. the jacket to the right size, profile, rounded enough, wear, bore have taper jacket must not be selected, otherwise can lead to shaft vibration, carving out the desired result.

2. handle and jacket touch gentle, handle to firmly insert the jacket and fastening, jacket takes too long to use inner-hole deformation, jacket must be replaced immediately.

3. the tool should always check for toughness, if you use a blunt, please replace immediately, if you continue to use not only carving effect is not good, also breaking conditions.

4, woodworking machine used to be, the thickness of the processed cannot exceed the thickness of blade can cut, is responsible for breaking can occur.

5. cutting of different materials, it should be reasonable use of cutting speed.