Engraving machine selection method of spindle

Engraving machine one of the most important components of the spindle. Spindle directly influence the speed and precision processing of carving machine, the following is a selection of woodworking machines for spindle parts suggestions.

1. If the pursuit of wood CNC machining efficiency, processing speed, same rate, such as solid wood materials, requires more than 3KW power spindle motor.

2. wood CNC spindle motor with high precision bearings, if you do not use high precision bearings, spindle motor is overheating after a long high-speed rotation, affect the life of the spindle motor.

3. wood CNC machine spindle rotating at different speeds up even without noise, especially high speed spinning sound is uniform and harmonious.

4. see if wood CNC machine spindle radial force. Key is whether the texture of high speed cutting harder materials. Some spindle can only be at a very low speed cutting harder materials, cutting hard materials at high speed, the spindle will be a serious loss. This engraving machine affect the precision spindle over time, or fails.