Engraving machine, machining different materials should be how to choose Tools?

Sometimes, the engraving machine got it right, but always unsatisfactory when carving materials, carving knife the less also have hundreds of thousands of different carving engraving tool selection of materials also have a certain technical content, here are some small suggestion:

I. acrylic cutting, one flute spiral bits are recommended, smokeless and odorless when the characteristic is the processing speed, high efficiency, non-stick, and real environmental protection, its special manufacturing process to ensure processing the acrylic without cracking, very fine knife sheath (or no knife), the surface smooth. Surface need to scrub effect, recommended the use of three flute spiral double-edged cutter.

Two. density Board cutting processing (advertising open die with), recommended using double edged big row chip spiral milling knife, it has two article high capacity of row chip slot, double edged design, both has is good of row chip function, and reached is good of tool balance, in processing in the high-density Board Shi, not black, not Cap smoke, using life long, features.

III. aluminum plate cutting, recommended the use of single-point special milling cutters for aluminium. No sticking to the knife during the processing, high speed, high efficiency.