Engraving machine how to switch props

Engraving machine tool switching between different materials? Jinan owned by Kam (carving) limited reminds you: engraving machine engraving tool use techniques quite high, so after selecting the operator, usually a training can be formal induction, particularly wood carving engraving tool operation, and engraving tools used need to pay attention to?

1. selection of familiar wood CNC cutter blade, cutter blade of choice is in the processing of plate thickness on the 2-3MM is the most suitable cutter blade. Motor speed 18000-24000 r/min cutting acrylic, cutting edge length too long should not be used to machine hard materials.

2. the sculpture-oriented goals, selected wood carving tools are not the same, fine text pattern should be used for carving small angle, knife blade, carved large text without affecting the accuracy of the case when you try to use wide angle, big tip, engraving tool path design, selection of tool maximum angle and the tip as far as possible to improve the efficiency of carving. Carve hard materials the material angle should be larger, the tip should be.